4Sight with Anywhere Access

4Sight with Anywhere Access

Add 4Sight with Anywhere Access to your Control4 system and you can control your house from virtually anywhere in the world as long as you have 3G/4G or Internet connection. Manage your system from your favorite mobile devices or a web browser and start enjoying security and control features designed to keep you safely connected and in control anytime, anywhere.*

Anywhere Access?With the Control4 App and a 4Sight subscription, you can access and monitor your home or business from practically anywhere using a smartphone or tablet or using a web browser on a Windows PC or Mac.

Alerts On the Go?Your Control4 system can send messages to your smartphone or tablet about the status of your system, so you're always in the know. Custom alerts suc as "Garage door left open" or "Water leak detected in the basement" can be sent to inform you of important events as soon as they happen, allowing you to respond quickly.

End-to-End Security?4Sight uses the same secure communication protocols and hack-proof encryption used by financial institutions, ensuring you get safe, on-demand access to your smart home. To add 4Sight with Anywhere Access to your Control4 system, contact your dealer today and ask about a 4Sight subscription!


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